Office Financial and No Show Policy

The office of Jennifer Stroh, DO asks that you give us 24 hours' notice if you cannot keep your appointment. We have reserved this time for you and it prevents other patients from being seen that may have needed an appointment that day. Cancelling an appointment without adequate notice or missing an appointment will result in a $50 fee, payable before your next appointment. Your insurance does not cover this fee. The occasional emergency occurs, and we understand this and may make an exception for the first No Show or Late Cancellation if you discuss this with our front desk. After 3 No Shows or Late Cancellations you may be dismissed from the practice. We strive to be available when patients need us and appreciate your help in achieving this goal.

The office of Jennifer Stroh, DO has a $110 Annual Fee for each adult in the household. Children under the age of 18 are free with a paying adult patient or $25 per child if there is not a paying adult in our practice. Full time students age 18-25 will be $25 per year (you may be asked to show proof of full time status). This fee is not covered by your insurance, but may be paid for with your HSA or flex plan. If these fees pose a financial hardship, please fill out a financial hardship form at our front desk. These cases will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The Annual Fee is waived for Medicaid patients.

Patients are responsible for payment of any balance not covered by insurance. If Dr. Stroh contracts with the insurance company then we will bill insurance for office visits and services. Any cost the insurance company does not cover, such as co-insurance and deductibles, are solely patient responsibility. Statements are sent out monthly from our third party billing agent and payment is expected within 30 days. We make every effort to work with patients regarding payment, but good faith effort must be shown from the patient. Balances over 90 days old are eligible for collections. If an account is sent to our third-party collections agency, the patient and all other persons associated with their account, will be dismissed from the practice.